Business Formations

If you are considering entering into business, you should consult an attorney. Starting a business can be a complicated and stressful process. Here at LODKY, we represent businesses that range from sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies to corporations, both for and not for profit. We have the experience and expertise to get you on the right track. We can assist you in choosing the type of business entity best suited for your needs and then provide the guidance and assistance you require to get your plans off the ground. We have advised many entrepreneurs and assisted them in the formation of corporations, partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies, many of which we continue to represent. As in other areas of our practice, our focus is to get to know the client, the client's needs and goals, and to work closely with the client to achieve the goals in a cost-effective and professional manner.


Business Transactions

Once your business is up and running, LODKY is there to counsel you along the way with advice on financing, purchase and sale of business interests and assets, contract negotiations and labor-management relations. LODKY knows the business of its clients and works closely with owners, executives and managers to assure that the legal needs of both large and small businesses are fully served. Whether the engagement involves drafting a contract, responding by telephone to an urgent business need or planning for the transition of a family business to the next generation, LODKY has the breadth of experience to get the job done. LODKY regularly counsels business clients on tax planning, protection of intellectual property, environmental compliance, government regulation, leasing, sales transactions, contracts and employee relations.

LODKY also handles mergers and acquisitions ranging from the purchase or sale of small family businesses to the acquisition of operating divisions or entire enterprises involving complex employment, environmental, antitrust, regulatory, and intellectual property issues.


Real Estate

LODKY represents owners, purchasers, developers, lenders, lessors and lessees in complex matters involving industrial, commercial and residential real estate. This extends to acquisition, development, sales, as well as leasing. Services include examining title to real estate, providing title insurance, preparing and negotiating contracts for sale, preparing deeds, easements, leases, land installment contracts, notes, mortgages and other security documents. LODKY is also experienced in forming and structuring corporations, limited liability companies, general and limited partnerships and other business entities for the purposes of acquiring, developing or investing in real estate.


Estate Planning

What to do with one's estate is a question which sooner or later confronts nearly all of us. Sometimes the question is easily answered, and sometimes it takes a fair amount of planning. Tax considerations, the protection of assets from one's creditors, or from the creditors of intended beneficiaries, can influence how an estate is planned. The appointment of a guardian or conservator for one's children is often a major concern for parents. Lifetime gifts, trusts (either lifetime or established by will), the structure and ownership of personal and business assets, and the like may be as important as the proper designation of beneficiaries. Retirement benefits and life insurance play a significant role in one's estate. Choice of trustees and personal representatives can also be important. Planning for the passing of one's estate and provision for loved ones can be straightforward or complex. The assistance and advice of a competent attorney can serve to make the process less confusing and the result more effective.

A well-crafted will or estate plan is your assurance that your property and possessions will be passed on to those whom you choose and that the taxes and costs associated with your death will be minimized. Even a well-designed estate plan can flounder due to inadequate administration or unfamiliarity with the process.

LODKY provides clients with estate planning and administration services, including drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, and charitable gift instruments as well as providing estate and gift tax, family wealth and business succession planning. Services can range from preparation of simple wills to sophisticated succession and estate planning. We will work with you and your financial advisors to develop and achieve your estate planning goals.